Dead Horse Point – August 2016

515 Deadhorse Point1000

515 -Dead Horse Point/Utah

“Don’t judge a park by its name,” as the saying goes. This park might be one of the best pieces of supporting evidence. Fortunately Dead Horse Point State Park has only dramatic views these days. Wikipedia says the area was used as a corral by 19th century cowboys and horses “often died of exposure”. So for the curious, there’s how it got its name. I can’t think of a single river in the world responsible for more natural beauty than the Colorado. Aside from humble accomplishments like the Grand Canyon, it’s also at least partly responsible for Arches, Bryce, the Canyon lands, and many other National and State parks. This photograph features the Colorado River winding its way through time, as shown by the erosion of different kinds of rock layers. Not to mention the power of riparian persistence! How long did it take to carve its way down through those layers of rock? (Again, Wikipedia) suggests the present course of the Colorado River was more or less established a mere five million years ago. How time flies…

This image was created in the morning, using T-Max 64 Film.  Exposure was f32 at 1/2 second.  Development was D76 1:31. The low zone of the face of the front of the mesa was EV 11 and the high zone of the white clouds was EV15.

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