Print of the Month June 2016

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The Colosseum – The Eternal City

Occasionally a subject, as beautiful as it may be in total, is just too big for a single image. For example, if I was commissioned to photograph “the Rocky Mountains” … I’d presume to shoot details rather than looking down from orbit for a single all-encompassing image.  “The Rocky Mountains” is simply too colossal to put into one image.  And so it is too with Rome and the aptly named Colosseum.

In a world where it seems like a newer, taller building is announced every other year (looking at you, Dubai), the Colosseum remains colossal in the hearts and minds of travelers.  (Wiki says it is still the world’s largest amphitheater!)  In a city packed with iconic monuments, the Colosseum tops them all.  Especially impressive when one considers the available tools and knowledge available at the time of its construction.

This image was created late on a rainy morning, using T-Max 400 Film.  Exposure was f16 at1/4 second.  Development was  D76 1:1.

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