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It’s a common misconception that sunflowers got their name because they resemble the sun.  In fact, they rotate throughout the day so that their broad faces are constantly in line with their namesake.  Next time you see a sunflower, notice its position.  In the morning it will likely be facing East to greet the sunrise.  By evening it will have turned towards the west, catching the final rays of the sun dropping below the horizon.  Overnight, they slowly reset to the east in order to catch the next sunrise.  Of course, like anything in nature this rule isn’t a guarantee but it’s been my experience that most sunflowers behave this way.

This photograph was made in the studio using – what else – sunlight!  I wanted the viewer to gain an appreciation for their delicate seeds, soft petals and hearty stem, who’s strength is responsible for their daily rotation.

I made this image using my 4 x 5 Wisner view camera with a 400 mm lens set at f-8.

Using natural light required a slow shutter speed and of course a cable release.

About the Print of the Month

The Print of the Month is a new print offered at an early-edition discount. Normal pricing must apply once the print is offered by a gallery.

The Print of the Month is a silver gelatin print, each one created by hand using traditional darkroom methods.

Prints are limited to 50 per edition.

Typically the Print of the Month is made from a T-Max 100 negative, which is processed in D-76 mixed 1:1.

Each fine art print is made by hand using Ilford-based double weight paper.

The prints are double fixed and selenium toned for longevity.  They are then washed in a vertical print washer to completely eliminate any residue.  Prints are carefully allowed to dry for two days.  Next, each print is mounted on museum quality archival mat boards with acid-free mounting tissue.  Although each print takes a considerable amount of time and meticulous effort, this archival printing and mounting process is the only way to ensure print permanence and collectability. Give it proper care and your print will last hundreds of years without fading.

My signature and the print number are visible on the mat, below the print.

The Print of the Month offers a 50% savings off the normal investment.

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