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Reflections at Herbert Lake

560 – Reflections at Herbert Lake

13 out of 27. It’s a good thing TripAdvisor isn’t handing out grades, because Herbert Lake would be getting an exceptionally undeserved F minus.

It’s a little easier to understand when the competition is the surrounding Canadian Rockies. There is no shortage of natural beauty here, and it has been one of my favorite places to visit and revisit over the years. Apparently I’m not alone.  In the past, one could simply show up and find a room wherever you thought you’d like to spend a day or two.  On a recent trip, however, my companion and I were surprised to find nearly all the hotels in the region totally sold out!  We did find one eventually.

Keep your eyes open for Herbert Lake if you’re ever cruising up the Icefield Parkway (the drive alone is a bucket list item). Especially at dawn before the day catches up to it, the lake is like glass and makes reflection images like this one possible.  There’s something about the water here – it’s just so crystal clear that even compared to other still waters these Banff lakes really know how to shine.

This image was created in the morning, using my 5×7 Dearforff view camera, a yellow filter and T-Max 64 Film.  Exposure was F22 at1/2second.  Development was  +1. The low zone of the shade in the pines was 9 and the high zone of the yellow grass was13.

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