Print of the Month September 2008

094 Wild Basin Aspen

094 Wild Basin Aspen

The Wild Basin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is a wonderful location for day hikes. The abundance of photographic opportunities will stimulate the creative juices in anyone. After spending 3 or 4 days in the northern section of the RMNP, my good friend Tom Franks and I elected to travel south to check out the Wild Basin area. What a pleasant surprise when we came upon waterfalls, beautiful trees, abstract shapes and much more.

Always on the lookout for geometric shapes, I found this stand of aspens. Selecting the composition was easy but,  I was presented with a couple of challenges. First, I wanted to keep the green pine trees in the background. I also wanted to eliminate any sky in the top of the frame because a dark sky would compete with the green pine trees and a lighter sky would compete with the aspens. Second, I wanted the aspens to extend across the horizontal frame. I started the composition from where the aspens began on the left, which anchored the left side and the top of the frame. Then I needed to select the correct lens. With my viewing card I estimated my 250mm lens would give me enough image area to the right. However, after installing the lens and viewing the scene, I found that I was a bit too close. Moving back 20 feet was enough to let me complete the composition.

I metered the pine trees and placed them on Zone III. The lighting was soft and the aspens metered only 3 stops brighter.

The 5 x 7 Tri-X negative was developed plus 2, giving the aspens sufficient brightness.

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Each fine art print is made by hand using Ilford-based double weight paper.

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