Print of the Month September 2016

203 Canmore- Alberta

203 Canmore- Alberta

The Middle Sister – Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Those who saw the 2016 film The Revenant are, by now, familiar with the

Canadian Rockies.  The majority of the movie was filmed there, and this

lead, in no small part I think, to all the cinematography awards won by

the movie.

This image was made in a small town near Banff called Canmore.  There

are two more peaks on either side of this one; a “big sister” and a

“little sister”.  Together they’re known as the Three Sisters and a

spectacular view together.

However for this image I wanted to focus on the middle child.  The way

the clouds worked their way down over the left shoulder and up from the

valley created such a unique shape and contrast against the black rock.

I couldn’t miss it!

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