Roxborough State Park – July 2016

414 Red Rocks in Roxborough Park

414 – Roxborough State Park | Littleton, Colorado

Platinum Print

One of the unspoken teachings of Adams, Weston, and other greats in the history of Landscape Photography is that they tended to live “where the landscapes are”.  When traveling to a location, I would rely on my creativity and work in whatever conditions nature had provided; sometimes a foggy day will ruin the sweeping panoramic view you wanted.  My son’s first trip to Yosemite (from Michigan) coincided with massive wildfires that had filled the Valley with smoke and drastically limited photographic opportunities.  Better luck next time.

But this Print of the Month is a good reason why Adams et al. were wise, not lucky, to live near their subjects.  Roxborough State Park is only about a half-hour from my home, and someplace I like to hike several times per year.  My proximity to the Rocky Mountains allows me to scout locations, time the weather (somewhat!) and sun position, and even choose my season to get the perfect photograph down to the last detail.

In other words, this view of Roxborough State Park, was not lucky happenstance.  Students of composition will immediately start counting the triangles (mountains, clouds, and sky), and the contrasting textures in the mountain and in the clouds.

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

This platinum print is signed and numbered and is limited to an edition of 15.  The Print of the Month special offering of 50% off will be applied to the regular price of $1200.

This offer expires August 05, 2016.


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