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Print of the Month 542 Hanging Tree and Rock                                                     […]


Print of the Month

Print of the Month                                                               […]


Part 3: How To Use A Large Format View Camera

So putting part one and part two of this series together, how do we make it all work? Begin with a viewing card.  A viewing card is essentially a mat board with a hole in […]


Part 2: And What About View Camera Accessories

After reading part one in this series you should have the basics of what makes a large format view camera a special sort of camera.  However, a few more things are needed to make the camera […]


Part 1: What Is A Large Format View Camera And Why Do People Still Use Them

Very often while setting up my view camera I will have one or two people approach me and ask about the camera. When was it made? How does it work? Can I still purchase film […]


Print of the Month May 2017

                 504 Plantine Hill Ruins- Rome                                             […]


Print of the Month April 2017

  About the Print of the Month The Print of the Month is a new print offered at an early-edition discount. Normal pricing must apply once the print is offered by a gallery. The Print […]


Print of the Month March 2017

187 Yucca Filamentosa


Print of the Month January 2017

320 The Great Sand Dunes Ask anyone about the outdoors in Colorado and the rough and rugged Rocky Mountains are undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind. But travel just a few hours south […]


Print of the Month December 2016

                  May you be blessed with priceless gifts this Holiday Season                     and be surrounded with beauty and peace in the New Year _________________________________________________________________________________________ This image was created in late morning, using my 5×7 […]


Print of the Month November 2016

  “Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return.  Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around […]


Print of the Month October 2016

560 – Reflections at Herbert Lake 13 out of 27. It’s a good thing TripAdvisor isn’t handing out grades, because Herbert Lake would be getting an exceptionally undeserved F minus. It’s a little easier to […]


Print of the Month September 2016

The Middle Sister – Canmore, Alberta, Canada Those who saw the 2016 film The Revenant are, by now, familiar with the Canadian Rockies.  The majority of the movie was filmed there, and this lead, in […]


Dead Horse Point – August 2016

515 -Dead Horse Point/Utah “Don’t judge a park by its name,” as the saying goes. This park might be one of the best pieces of supporting evidence. Fortunately Dead Horse Point State Park has only […]


Roxborough State Park – July 2016

414 – Roxborough State Park | Littleton, Colorado Platinum Print One of the unspoken teachings of Adams, Weston, and other greats in the history of Landscape Photography is that they tended to live “where the landscapes […]


Print of the Month June 2016

The Colosseum – The Eternal City Occasionally a subject, as beautiful as it may be in total, is just too big for a single image. For example, if I was commissioned to photograph “the Rocky […]


Medano Creek

# 341 Medano Creek   Great Sand Dunes, Colorado About the Print of the Month The Print of the Month is a new print offered at an early-edition discount. Normal pricing must apply once the print […]


Piracy Point, Bryce Canyon

#241 – Piracy Point, Bryce Canyon The United States is fortunate to have so many beautiful places to photograph, and yet there are some which consistently lead the pack thanks to their unique beauty. Practically […]


Three Lilies

#500 – Three Lilies It is important to pay attention to the details while you photograph a close-up image of a subject.Let’s consider that with the image of the three lilies presented in this Print […]


Lake Superior Sunrise

# 051 – Lake Superior Sunrise Everyone was up early for the sunrise on the last day of our Lake Superior workshop. Sue, one of the workshop attendees, and my son Kevin suggested exploring a […]