Three Lilies

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#500 – Three Lilies

It is important to pay attention to the details while you photograph a close-up image of a subject.Let’s consider that with the image of the three lilies presented in this Print of the Month.

I made this image during the summer around 5pm. While composing this image the position of each lily was important to avoid any intersecting pistils. In some instances I am not concerned where the shadows will fall or how dark they will be. This studio setting was made with only window light and a series of reflectors placed in position to lighten any unwanted shadows. I also had to take into consideration where the highlights fell and how bright they would be.

I metered the white petal on the right that was closest to the window, my only source of light.

This measured an EV of 10.3 so I placed the petal on Zone VIII for an exposure of 8 2/3 for 1 second.

I chose 8 2/3 since it rendered the lilies in sharp focus while allowing the background to go soft.

I processed the film, which was T-MAX 400 in my Jobo processor for 6 ½ minutes in D-76.


About the Print of the Month

The Print of the Month is a new print offered at an early-edition discount. Normal pricing must apply once the print is offered by a gallery.

The Print of the Month is a silver gelatin print, each one created by hand using traditional darkroom methods.

Prints are limited to 50 per edition.

Typically the Print of the Month is made from a T-Max 100 negative, which is processed in D-76 mixed 1:1.

Each fine art print is made by hand using Ilford-based double weight paper.

The prints are double fixed and selenium toned for longevity.  They are then washed in a vertical print washer to completely eliminate any residue.  Prints are carefully allowed to dry for two days.  Next, each print is mounted on museum quality archival mat boards with acid-free mounting tissue.  Although each print takes a considerable amount of time and meticulous effort, this archival printing and mounting process is the only way to ensure print permanence and collectability. Give it proper care and your print will last hundreds of years without fading.

My signature and the print number are visible on the mat, below the print.

The Print of the Month offers a 50% savings off the normal investment.

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