The Platinum Print

182 Lilly Pad1000

182 – The Lily Pond

 The Platinum / Palladium Print

Each platinum print is made by hand, using liquid platinum and palladium, causing each print to have it’s own characteristics.  The print has a large tonal range, unlike the silver gelatin print.  The tones range from soft blacks and grays to reddish brown, with a matte tone due to the precious metals being absorbed directly into an archival art paper.  The longevity of a platinum differs from that of the silver print due to the method in which the platinum  is embedded into the fibers of the paper. The silver grains in a silver print lie in the gelatin on the surface of the print.

Each print begins with a black and white negative, such as those used in creating the silver prints. The process of making a platinum print takes time, and requires the use of rare and expensive materials.

Each fine art print is mounted using archival methods to 100% rag board, is signed and numbered by Dennis.