The Silver Print

022 Pine Needles in water-1000

22 Pine Needles and Water

The Silver Print

The silver print, also known as a silver gelatin print, begins with the exposure of film using a view camera. The negatives are processed in my darkroom, using traditional processing and printing methods.

The silver print is composed of silver grains embedded in the gelatin that lies on the surface of the photo paper. With a photographic enlarger the image from the negative is exposed onto the paper, and the image comes to view while developing in trays of processing chemistry. The print is then fixed in a separate tray to prevent further developing, followed by a wash to enhance the longevity of the print.

Each limited edition silver print is hand made and mounted to 100% rag board, using archival methods. The mat is signed and numbered by Dennis.

2017 Silver Print Pricing

8″ x 10″ $500 + shipping

11″ x 14″ $750 + shipping

16″ x 20″ $1000 + shipping